Technical Management

Technical Management

Your extended business partner to operate vessels efficiently.

VRM is a ship management company that believes in transparency and customer service. We provide a comprehensive range of services to ship owners.

Our services include:

Technical consultancy

We offer expert advice on all aspects of ship management, from hull and machinery maintenance to safety and compliance.


We help ship owners to develop and implement budgets that meet their financial goals.

Cost optimisation

We work with ship owners to identify and reduce unnecessary costs.

Fuel and vessel optimisation

We use advanced software to optimize fuel consumption and vessel performance.

Drydocking support

We coordinate and manage all aspects of drydocking, from scheduling to repairs.

Procurement services

We source and deliver all necessary supplies and equipment for ship operations. We focus on cost efficiency and reliability of supplies.


We recruit, train, and deploy qualified seafarers to meet the needs of our clients' vessels.

We manage a fleet of oil tankers, gas tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, offshore vessels, and car carriers. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service.

We believe in transparency and customer service. We are committed to providing our clients with clear and concise information about their vessels and operations. We also believe in building strong relationships with our clients and working with them to achieve their goals.

If you are a ship owner looking for a reliable and experienced ship management company, then VRM is the right choice for you.

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