Covid Helpline Centre - Himachal Pradesh

Volunteers to assist Covid-19 patients in Himachal Pradesh

We are pleased to inform you that our organization has been actively involved in making a difference to people’s lives, in their times of need. Our organization has been involved in various types of social activities which include (provision of Medicines and food, to help in the funeral of the person dies due to COVID 19)

We are serving COVID affected natives of Kangra District, Himchal Pradesh since last one year. In view of blown-up pandemic situation, our following volunteers who are stationed at Rakkar/Dadasiba area remain available at all times for last rituals of mortal remains of the deceased (Covid cases).

(1) Capt Sanjay Prashar, 09930467030 / 9418594028 (Rakkar)
(2) Shashi Pal 9418299833 (Nangal Chowk)
(3) Gulshan Kumar 8580623075 (Bharoli Zaddid)
(4) Abhimanyu Soni 08657496801 (Near Chintpurni)
(5) Punit Shukla 09418594029 (Dada Siba)

Above volunteers have good knowledge of PPE as well as SOP for disposal of mortal remains of covid deceased. We have our own vehicle for movement.

Following are some details of work for which we need your permission:

We undertake to assist the natives with following services:

1. To provide medicines and other daily needs to covid patients and their family members. Upon getting information about any Covid-19 patient, we immediately establish a phone call and talk to the family and guide them about the immediate precautionary steps that can be taken. We ensure to supply fruits, medicines, etc. for the Covid patients to help them in speedy recovery.

2. To distribute oximeter to Asha’s workers in case they encounter shortage of the same.

3. To allow our volunteers to take part in the funeral of person who dies due to Covid-19. We facilitate the last rituals of mortal remains.

We are at the service of our nation and strive to help humanity with joint efforts.